Add some of our special glitter or prank products to your cart, enter the addresses of your fortunate recipients, pay us some cash and wait for the glitter fury to be unleashed!
Not unless you tell them. You get our Oath of Secrecy included with every purchase!
No, it’s not a complete piss take, 50% real (meaning we actually carry out the job and send your enemies the glittery shit) and 50% a piss take, because, come on, we are taking the piss here right..…
Yes, to everywhere an idiot needs a good glitter bomb explosion to the face. From that British scone munching twat with the annoying accent, to that American 10th grader who’s been giving you shit all year. A simple click is all it takes to reap sweet retribution.
Our shit starts at £5.49 + postage. On-Demand Revenge Delivered for less than a McDonalds Meal! Fucking bargain. Wanna really ruin someones day, we suggest splashing out on the Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb starting at £13.75. Booo yaaaaa!
Come on, you wouldn’t have read so far unless you were at least a bit fucking curious as to what it would be like to have some sweet revenge on those fuck tards in your life. When they pop open that tube and are propelled with all that glittery shit, burst out the laughter and casually ask, “Who could have possibly sent you that?!”
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